What sets SACHI apart from the rest.
Our commitment to helping everyone look and feel their best.  Working with SACHI means not only getting smart and elegant image consulting, you are also contributing to SAVI, CFR, RED, and Habitat for Humanity programs.  Effective January 2011, SACHI donates at least 1% of its gross annual revenue to outreach programs that benefit these organizations.  
Let's band together to help each other.

Why I Chose these Organizations?
I chose these organizations based on my individual experiences with each one.

In the past, I've worked with Habitat for Humanity and most recently with Center for Family Representation (CFR) participating in their 2010 Silent Auction benefit. Naturally, I chose the Sexual Assault Violence Intervention program (SAVI) because I am a part of their volunteer program. I've witnessed first hand how important it is to have volunteers in the emergency department to help equip these survivors with information that can ultimately save their lives. Lastly, I've purchased items from retail stores such as the Gap and Apple that support the RED organization.


Sexual Assault Violence Intervention Program (SAVI) -

 The Center for Family Representation (CFR) -

Global Problems, Global Solutions which is part of the United Nations Foundation (RED)


Habitat For Humanity -