Friday, September 30, 2011

Wrap Yourself

The Summer is definitely gone.
I can't believe it's already the last day of September.
First thing you need is another layer and it doesn't need to be thick, we're not in December yet.
A simple cashmere pashmina will do the trick.
This undeniable cute trend is so soft and comfortable.
Cashmere will keep you warm at all times.

For the ones who love fur, fox and rabbit are back in the game, and they look gorgeous.
Those pieces are of course very much in style each Fall.
Fur is the softest and gives you a luxurious style.
With a simple piece you go from casual to classy in an instant.
Delicately wrapped around your neck, you will look sexier than ever.

And for the ladies who have a hard time wearing real fur, you always have the option of wearing faux fur.
Maybe it won't look as soft and vibrant, maybe it will be a little less warm but some pieces gives you a great look, just like that faux shearling vest, check an eye below.
Yes it is faux and it is beautiful and trendy!

Possibilities are endless to warm you up!
Whatever your choice is you shouldn't feel guilty about it.
Wear what makes you feel good!
That's the real secret.
See you in October ladies!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Heels for Fall

This Fall is about snakeskin, fur, fringes and fuzziness.
Sparkles are also in the game as they always are. 
Both pike and round toes are fashionable this season.
Animal prints will be popular too during the cold months, but snakeskin is the big winner.
Laces also gain popularity.
They are comfy and look great always.

Patent leather might be a bit less practical and versatile to wear than ordinary leather, but in the same time no one will argue on the fact that it looks gorgeous.
No other fabric brings what patent leather brings to an outfit.

Designers love suede that looks luxurious.
And this year they seem to love buckles too. The more buckles the better.
Buckles will definitely bring an interesting look and they also provide great support for the foot.
So why not try a pair?
On the other hand stilettos aren't always easy to sport but their beauty is undeniable.
If you can walk on super tiny heels, this shoe trend is everything you might want for Fall.

And finally if stilettos are too much for you, try chunky heels.
They are more comfortable and they look great as well.
Wedges are still popular for a little more casual style and high platform can have a chic intriguing look.

I want to sing let us shine!
Don't we deserve to shine!?
Seriously, let the shoes do the talking.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Go Bright

After an especially dark Fall last year, it is only fair to see bright colors invade the city again.
We are done with grey!
Let's open our door to jade green, mustard yellow, deep purple and cherry red.

Lemon pieces are also in and orange is hot too!
Just stay away from the total orange look.
Color is good but too much color would kill your perfect spirit.
Magenta is also beautiful and will make you look fantastic if you know how to act wisely with it.
This year it is actually not about a key color, but more about combination.
Focus on the color harmonies, also mix colors and textures, and start thinking outside the box.
It will be your best bet for this season.

If you want color but believe that orange, jade and magenta are too much for you, you can still try burgundy.
Always glamour, this color is luxurious and works for all occasions.

And for the most shy, there is still lavender, cantaloupe or honeydew.
Delicate colors are stylish and elegant. 
They look sexy without being too aggressive.

So if you think soft hues are dull, think twice because bright details could be the solution to your problem. Add bright accessories to your look, like scarves, bags or hats, any vibrant item that will drag you out of your boredom. 

Now is the time to let live colors shine through.
Have fun mixing colors that fashion has to offer.
Express yourself ladies!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Retro Ladylike

We love to be able to play dress up.
Brilliant, bold colors, mod shapes and bold contrasting patterns, with of course a vintage flair possibly due to the success of Mad Men.
Indeed we are back in the 50's-60's and by adding a subtle feminine touch to your outfit, you will look totally amazing and unforgettable.

Look for pretty prints and a girly silhouette.
The great thing about these dresses is that they are a work-to-evening solution.
Some of them might be a little dressy for work, but who is going to complain really?
Hemlines are up and down, dresses for Fall are styled to enhance the curves, so no reason to wonder, we all need at least one in our closet.
Just above the knees is the most flattering length on most women, and not showing too much is always a good thing.
Keep some mystery, it is the key to success!

This classic style couldn't possibly go out of fashion anytime soon so don't hesitate, treat yourself ladies!
Fitted until the waist and often belted, those beautiful pieces also make you look thinner.
There is an incredible selection, created by the greatest designers.
Whichever your choice is, from short dresses to tea length dresses, pleats or no pleats, you will look graceful and sexy at all times.

Princess Kate knows perfectly how to rock this style, and now you do too!
Make your own statement and be sure not to pass this one up!
Good day to you!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Camouflage prints are totally in for Fall.
So put your cargo pants and your military jacket out, they are back in business and it starts right now.
And I'm talking about beautiful prints inspired by camo but in a chic ladylike way, not the whole army battle gear.

If you decide to wear this trend, look for pieces that incorporate other stylish elements.
Also keep in mind that this season camo meets abstract art print.
Needless to say you should stick to one camo piece per outfit.
From the trouser to the dress, the skirt and the shirt, the shoes and the bags, the legging and the tights, and let's not forget the belt and the glasses, make your pick ladies, camo pieces are waiting for you in your favorite store.

So be ready for camouflage to make its way into the style spotlight.
Don't be afraid to go beyond the basics and take your Fall wardrobe to the next level with chic, camouflage-patterned pieces, and be sure to turn heads.
If you're not totally convinced by this print you can start off with a small dose of camouflage to see how you like it.
Try on a watch or bangles and cuffs for example, and if you feel comfortable, then opt for a sleek skirt or a cute top for a serious style boost.
You will be surprised by the power of this famous print.

On Renee:Sheer top, model’s own; Laura Lombardi earrings, $68 at Eskell; Shades of Grey bracelet, $60 at; Black Alexa...

From now on you can blend anywhere!
So are you ready to fight for this pattern?
Sorry, I couldn't help the military reference!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cozy Ponchos

I love ponchos and I'm definitely not ready to wear any coat just yet.
I already had to give up my flip-flop and my summer sandals.
One step at a time please!
If we look at the runway, ponchos are turning out to be one of the biggest trend of Fall 2011.

Fall Winter Trends 2010 2011 poncho

For this Fall, look for a tailored poncho or a fur one with not too much volume. It might get a little chilly but this is not a reason to look like a whale.
Do choose a poncho with a sleek elegant shape and most important tip, skip the embellishment and artsy touches. A poncho's silhouette is folksy enough.
You still want to look sophisticated, right?

Try it printed, it will be a great way to add some zip to a solid wardrobe.
You can actually get a short poncho (my choice) or very long ones (poncho-bomber hybrids) that are turning into an official Trend with a capital T thanks to Alexander Wang and his funky creations!
You might prefer the cropped chunky knit versions by Tommy Hilfiger, easier to wear and more elegant.

Their original shape will give you this hot and dramatic silhouette.
I'm already warming up to this cozy trend!
And you will do the same the same quickly!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Leather skirts

Almost every designer came out with leather pieces in their 2011 collection.
The leather skirt is beyond doubt the trend not to miss this Fall.
One of the most important key when you wear a leather skirt is to keep the top as simple as possible.
You can pair it with a classic white blouse which is always a safe bet, or you can opt for a solid color scoop neck cashmere or a simple cotton knit top.

Choice is as it often is in fashion very large and every body shape can find the perfect leather skirt.
For this coming season, the leather skirt is available in a range of colors beyond the basic black, from super mini to under the knee. You can also find skirts with movement and swing, those are really elegant and will bring an interesting new vibe to your outfit.
The leather skirts became quite versatile. A simple change of top, accessories, or shoes can take you from the office to a nightclub.
They also work for a casual afternoon around town.

Go vintage! The vintage skirt reflects the timeless style that can be found in current fashion.
And if wearing leather is a problem for you, you still have the chic faux leather that does the work just like the real one.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Will you dare to wear?

Designers took the granny plaid and put it on just about anything, including granny plaid pants, but no bother, you don't have to go for a total head-to-toe tartan as they did on the runway to look great.
You can totally go for just one piece at a time, maybe two, but play it smart.

Plaids are often around when Fall is showing up but this year they are already everywhere.
You will notice that they are a little dressier than the cozy flannel plaids we are used to and they look beautiful!

Plaid is the worthy successor of the lumberjack trend.
Depending on how it's designed, the plaid trend can be worn both at work or for cold nights in the city among friends and even for a sexy date.
You just have to know what to combine it with.

The best thing about the plaid trend is that it's very easy to incorporate into your Fall wardrobe.
Just about everyone has a plaid button down floating around in a closet.
Use it to create an original piece for a great look.
So go dig in your grandmother's basement, you will probably find priceless treasures.

You will have a lot of fun mixing those patterns if you dare.
And if you're just looking for a few adorable plaid accessories, you will be super trendy too!
So go for it, we always need some plaid in our crazy lives, especially now that colder days are on their way!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bell Bottoms

The 70's are making a big comeback this Fall and will hang out at least until the end of the Winter, and probably even longer!
Don't worry skinny jeans are still on for this season, they are not going anywhere.
Nevertheless flared jeans, flared trousers and bell bottoms are definitely back in force for both men and women.

derek lam flared jeans

Wear your bell bottoms with a crop or cotton tank for a casual look, or with a loose fitting blouse for a more dressy outfit.
Whatever you decide you can't possibly go wrong.
Over the years bell bottoms have recycled in and out of style.
All you have to do is to make sure you find a pair that hugs your curves on top before flaring out at the knee.
They will flatter your figure and they are incredibly comfortable.

Pulling this look off is very easy.
There is a huge collection of adorable spicy-colored bell bottom and flare jeans to make you pop in any occasion.
A hem that is at least as wide as your foot is necessary if you want to be perfectly fashionable and you might also consider a high waisted cut, which would strengthen the 70's vibe.

If you are loving the 70's trend, there is no reason you can't kick start this look right now.
I want at least three of them!
One denim, one elegant black and one bright and funky!
You should do the same, ladies!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Polka Dots Forever

Audacious prints are big this Fall and polka dots, old time favorite, are back in the business.
They've been popping up all over the fashion world lately.
There must be a reason for that to happen.
Fashion designers who draw inspiration from vintage stylings (Stella McCartney, Marc Jacob, Diane Von Furstenberg or Collette Dinnigan) will turn to various polka dots to accentuate their favorite pieces.

From bold to micro they will appear this Fall in a wide variety of different colors.
If you want to bring a touch of feeling and pleasure to your outfit invest in a playful combination of dots in different colors and scale. You will sure be noticed.
If you are looking for a subtle and chic look polka dots will give you a feminine and sexy style.
And if you feel that head-to-toe polka dots style is totally overboard, first you are wrong, and second you can just sprinkle in some dots to catch the trend.
Polka dots always offer us a great way to spice up our overall look.

Classic and timeless, they possess this incomparable and strong retro feel.
There are many different ways to wear this precious print.
Bigger and fewer dots can create a youthful and adorable look whereas the smaller dots will look more classic and sophisticated. Little spots or big spots, black white or blue, polka dots have already made their way from the runway to the streets of the Big Apple.

Embrace the polka dots print, whichever one you choose you'll be spot on for Fall!
Those cheerful spots are a remedy against bad mood and grumpy days!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Let's talk about Chris Evans's new movie!
It does no harm just this once not to talk about fashion.

Puncture Poster

Based on a true story, PUNCTURE features a barely recognizable Chris Evans, as a tattooed drug addicted personal injury lawyer, whose new client has invented a safety syringe to prevent health care workers from being stuck with infected needles. The problem is, nobody wants them!
Directed by Adam Kassen and Mark Kassen (co-stars as the wise, sensitive and sober lawyer partner) the movie is enjoyable and served by a great cast such as Michael Biehn, Vinessa Shaw, Brett Cullen and Jesse L. Martin.
I had a great time following this uncommon team and hoping they will find a way to save millions of lives.

It is somehow refreshing to see another side of Chris Evans's talent. I thought he was totally credible and loved the way he wears an Armani costume bought in the streets.
It probably would have been interesting to see him with little less muscle ( he looks extremely healthy and in good shape for a junky ) but between the shooting of Captain America and the Avengers, I suppose it wouldn't have been an easy thing to do!
Well, he's nice to look at, after all who am I to complain?

Without revealing too much I do have one little criticism though.
I would have wanted to be scared for those two guys, fear repercussions, fear for their lives, I would have wanted to feel the danger and let it grow. The two main characters  are charming, and as soon as the movie starts you know there is no way they will win without getting hurt. ( I couldn't help thinking about The Constant Gardener )
I expected tensions and suspense. There is none and that's disappointing.   
The movie is good and entertaining but it misses this little something to make it great and unforgettable.

The after party was taking place at the Penthouse at the Hotel on Rivington and everyone was there.

A beautiful space for a fun night in the city. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Leather is Better

After an intense look at the next Spring & Summer collection with Fashion Week and Fashion's Night Out,  it is now time to go back to Fall Season.
I know it's not fun but we will have to go through another winter before we can even think of the fabulous outfits we noticed during Fashion Week.
But I have some news that can only make you feel better : Fall is going to be about leather! Especially cute leather dresses..

It’s All About: Lively Leather
Those girls look great!
I especially have a gigantic crush on ZoƩ Zaldana's coral dress.
She simply rocked it!

Leather should help during the transition Summer/Fall.
None of us is really ready for it but it's not like we actually have the choice.
I keep talking about the biggest trends surrounding us, so today I'm really excited to see the return of leather to the collections.


You can also expect to see ultra short leather shorts, leather leggings and of course leather jackets.
Leather is the perfect material for those grey months, you will be stylish and luxurious and warm always!
What more do you want?

And to finish beautifully, here are a few pics of our fabulous night out at Elie Tahari's store in Soho!
Better late than never!