Friday, July 29, 2011

Cuff your Sleeves

Men and cuffs, this is a true love story.
Gentlemen, you know there are rules when it comes to your cuff links.
They are the men's supreme accessory, so they come with responsibilities.
The most important rule is not to show it all when you wear a jacket.
The traditional length would be to show one-half inch of cuff (Except for the French cuff shirts where you have to show it all. That's how it is!)

From very simple and classic designs to more elaborated and eye-catching cuffs, the choice is more vast than you can probably imagine.
Squares, rectangles, circles, in the shape of planes, dead skulls, animals, puzzle pieces, stars, four-leaf clovers, wheels, cars, martini glasses and even handcuffs.
It seems like designers have a lot of fun creating new designs.
Devote some time to find the appropriate cuff, weather it's for a special event, a casual date or a business meeting.
When you find the perfect one for you, there won't be any hesitation.
This is how women feel about shoes!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some like it Short

Who doesn't like denim shorts?
Which one of you doesn't have a denim Short in her wardrobe?
No one? I knew it!
Shorts are your summer's best friend and hopefully denim, beautiful and adaptable fabric, exists to make your outfit even prettier.
Soft and comfortable to wear, they always are a great fit.
Pair your short with a crochet tank for a hippy vibe, a breezy shirt for  a casual yet sexy style or a jeweled jacket for a rock&Roll attitude.
It's hard to go wrong with denim shorts.
They are divine if you know how to keep it simple and attract attention in the same time!
That's the real secret!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pick a Tunic

One of the hottest style and a great addition to your summer wardrobe is definitely the tunic.
From simple and casual style to elaborate prints and jeweled embellishments, the tunic flatters most shape and remains one of the best compromise during these hot days.

Pair it with leggings, shorts, skirts, skinny jeans, you will be stylish at any time.
Crochet tunic, pool party tunic for a 60's retro style, tie waist tunic dress, satin trimmed tunic, ruffle tunic, sequined sleeveless tunic, stripy, flowery, paisley, animal printed, many different style are available for our greatest joy.
Plus they exist in fantastic and vibrant colors.
I always wear a tunic at the beach and I like it slightly see-through and casually thrown over a sexy bikini.
It's just perfect!

Ultra feminine, you will look elegant at all times.
You would have to be crazy not to opt for that long, easy-breezy silhouette.
Tunics are a very attractive choice, you have no excuse not to go for it!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fringe is in

I am a fringe lover.
The way they move as you march looks amazing and adds a dramatic feeling to your walk, caressing your skin every once in a while.
Created to be a detail at first, the little thing that would pop up an outfit, they became so much more.
They are now some of the most popular trendy accessories.
They offer a super-glamorous and breezy touch, yet fun and chic alternative.
They possess the visual power to make you look taller and thiner when you know how to accessorize them.
The Boho Chic allure is guaranteed if you pay attention to the right outfit and the color palette.

Skirts, dresses, tops, jackets, from the fringe sandals to the fringe bag they can fit anywhere, on every fabric, with every pattern. (not only for a western kind of look or an ethnic outfit)
They are a celebration for life and take you back to the 20's in a blink of an eye.
I am in the mood for a charleston dance now!

Fringes have conquered the world, let's embrace them!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Power of the Bow

Bows are everywhere.
They made a big comeback last year and the trend kept spreading ever since.
Tops, skirts, dresses, shorts, shirts, sweaters, on the shoulder, on the waist or on the hips, upper or lower back, centered on the chest or bellybutton, in your hair, on your belt, on your shoes and on your purse, some are small, some are big, others are huge, I've never seen that many.
They work on a casual look as well as for a more sophisticated style; as usual it's all about the way you accessorize them.

I do like the shy bow, the one that doesn't show too much but keeps its promises.
More than just an embellishment, bows have a life of their own.
No doubt we will see more and more of them.
Be prepared for the next bow wave, it shouldn't be too long!
But be careful! One bow is great, don't overdo the bow, too many bows kill the bow power.

When it comes to adorable style, bows are first in line!
Go for it! It's such a sweet look to have for the summer.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun & Flirty

Crochet dresses are no longer forgotten; this summer they are making a big comeback.
Ultra modern and yet simple, fun and very feminine especially with a light see-through, you can opt for an asymmetrical neckline, a shoulder showing or  a cap sleeves.
I would recommend to buy a short one, they are much more flattering for your figure.
Don't hesitate to mix your flirty crochet dress with different textures or casual pieces (a denim jacket for example), you'll be surprise to realize that you actually create a pretty cool and unique look.
The crochet dress will give you this bohemian vibe, so chic and cool at the same time.
Perfect for a summer first date, an happy hour with your girls or an outdoor movie in Bryant Park.

What more do you want? They are a wardrobe treasure.
And if you can't make up your mind on which one is best for you, contact Sachi, she will tell you for sure what your body deserves.

Have a fantastic week-end and look for the shade!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lace, Prints & Bright

It's time for a little wardrobe update.
It's time to show who you are with your underwear!
Lingerie collections are rich in delicate touch and full of beautiful pieces.
There are an infinite ways to express your style with your lingerie this season and you can switch from one style to the other with no question asked.

Sexy corsets, bustiers, bras, teddies, mini dresses and much more.
Lace are seductive and add a bit of glamour.
Leopard and floral prints always are a safe bet.
For a retro look, polka dots are back big time.
Colors are bright or pastel (follow your mood) and inspire romance.
This summer is about all shades of purple (coral, pink, grape, lavender). These are extremely successful.
Emphasize your body, you were made to be noticed.

Spice your life a little!
Who said a girl can't have it all?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wide-Leg Pants

Last week I was telling you about the colored pants madness, but when it comes to pants there's still a lot to say.
Today I'm obsessed with wide and breezy clothes. You see what I mean?
If you're not really sure about wearing a wide-leg trousers, keep in mind that this timeless pants is extremely flattering for your figure especially with front pleats and a high waistband to celebrate your curves. I would recommend to pair it with either heels or platforms. That's how they look best.

Soft jersey, linen, viscose crepe, silk, stretch cotton, polyester and of course denim, choose the fabric you're the most comfortable in.
Don't forget that flowing pants require a slim and structured top. That is a real important rule!
Your outfit will look elegant and thoughtful as it's supposed to be.

You'll see, once you start wearing it you won't be able to take it off.
Of course fit is everything and wide is bliss!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brooches & Pins

We love brooches!
And there are so many fashionable ways to wear a brooch or a pin.
You will surely be in style by adding a fun, vintage or sparkling brooch to your wardrobe.
Indeed designers continue to create amazing new pieces.

Pinned on a dress at the waist or to the shoulder for a classy touch, on a denim jacket for a contrast between the ultra-casual fabric and the classic jewelry style. Also pinned onto a bag, a scarf, hat or belt and even in your hair, is a great way to accessorize it.
You can wear two matching brooches at the same time, one smaller than the other, and some ladies even wear several of them for an undeniable visual impact.
Think of it for its unconventional style. 
Everything is permitted!

What a great chance we have to enjoy these pieces of jewelry.
Easy, simple and stunning always!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Playtime For Playsuits

Which one of you ladies doesn't want a pretty piece of clothing that will make you look fabulous all around?
Highly comfortable and easy to wear, playsuits are a life savior for the summer.

You can go for the one shoulder bow, the back button up, the paisley cross front, the polka dot strappy, the jersey ruffle bandeau, the blue or bleach wash denim, belted or not, choose your cut and shape.
From tartan print for a retro style to floral print for a real summery look, you can't go wrong.

Very flattering with wedges for a night out and perfect casual during these hot days with sandals, you can wear your playsuit at a wedding or at the beach, you can shop or chill, you decide.

Your wardrobe wouldn't be complete without it.
Let's be minimal and extravagant in the same time!
You will look effortlessly chic with a cute playful twist!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tips on Hats

Are you ready to add something special  to your look and emphasize your refined style?
Ladies, your desires are my number one priority !
A hat on the top of your head is the magic ingredient that will make the difference.
Not only do they add a fashionable pop to your style but they also protect you from this burning sun. They are your summer best friend.

The difficult part will be to choose among the wide variety of color, shape and style.
Stipe straw hat or wide brim beach hat? Raffia hat or woven sunhat?
For a trendy look, opt for a floppy hat or a fedora. If you are in a more funky and festive mood the cowboy hat or the derby will do. Most of them are perfect for an afternoon at the beach, a crazy day in the city or a pic-nic in the park.

Hats never went out of fashion, we just have a sad tendency to forget about them.
So let's repair this mistake right now!
No need to hide in the shade any more, top off your look with sun hats and enjoy your week-end!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grab a Bag

In the kingdom of handbags, diversity reigns.
Handbags define your personality, status and style. They are the ladies very essential accessory.
You can actually say a lot about a woman just by looking at her purse. (And a lot more by looking at what's inside, but that's another story!)

Summer handbags come in many shades and designs, classic or fashionable.
From clutches to totes through hobos, shoulder bags, satchels, in soft cotton, leather or suede, vinyl, wool or fabric ligature, the decision is all yours.

And if you ever need a fashion guidance don't forget that Sachi can create the perfect look to go with your brand new handbag and keep you on top of your game. Sachi knows in a blink of an eye what would best suit your personality.
That's what we're here for!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tie Yourself

Gentlemen, ties are the master piece of your outfit, the icing on the cake.
I don't think it's anything new to you.
Ties can pop up your style in an instant.
But be careful they can also have the opposite effect if you don't marry them with the right suit.

Solid, striped, paisley or geometric patterns are the most used because they are easy to accommodate.
Indeed, Striped ties for example keep the design and pattern simple and elegant, always.
I personally have a little crush on trendy checkered ties; they are one of a kind and can't pass unnoticed.

Wearing a tie is a way for men to show their true personality and some fantasy.
So pick wisely and trust your inner-voice.
And if you hesitate between two very different models, maybe you need them both!
Relax and treat yourself!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cute Swimsuits

No it's not too late to find the perfect swimsuit. Of course not!
And you should know that bright and bold are the words to remember this summer.

Sporty metallic or sequin bikini, polka dot tankini, one shoulder swimsuit, animal print, nautical stripes, you can easily find swimsuits for every body type.
Whether you are curvy, pear shaped or petite woman, there is one just made for you.
Simple and classic styles are always flattering and offer timeless elegance.
That's the way to go!

And if you feel more adventurous and want to try something different, then step out of you comfort zone by playing with the vintage element.
Think ruffles for a 1940s kind of look.
Those are to die for!
Let's vamp the beaches, Long Island is expecting us!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Glance at my Pants

I said it before and I will say it again, powerful colors are the face of the summer.
So it's not really a surprise to witness the invasion of rainbow colored pants all around us.
Orange, purple, hot pink, red, yellow, turquoise, Irish green, electric blue, the brighter the better!
Colored pants definitely are a huge trend right now and no doubt that the denim is the big winner, as always.
Get them cigarette or skinny for a great look.

Colored pants work for both a casual or a dressier look.
They are perfect for a dinner date, a walk around,  a girls night out or even to fly to some isolated island!
Stay simple with either a white or black shirt, a few bangles, a pair of platforms or sandals (trust your mood) and you're good to go!
Step out of the safe coolness of your apartment and adopt it without complexes.
These pants look perfect on anyone, don't forget them in your closet!

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Sneakers alternative

The time where sneakers were only for gym is far far away.
Believe it or not, sneakers are hot this summer!
After all it shouldn't be a surprise, hi-fashion sneakers definitely mix comfort and style.
Available in a multitude of colors and designs, you would have to be out of your mind not to add at least one pair (if not two!) to your trendy shoe collection.
You can get them in leather, mesh, nylon, textile, whatever material suits your feet better. I'd have a preference for canvas,which is a real best-friend and an old fashioned favorite.

You can either try the printed sneakers and play with bright colors and interesting embellishments, or go for something more neutral for a classic and subtle look.

It's not just about sneakers anymore, it's all about style!
So please give a rest to your feet, don't feel guilty to be comfortable.
To try them is to love them!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Watch my Watch

Buying a watch is not the easiest thing to do unless you already know exactly what you're looking for or if it's love at first sight.
The process can be long but at least when the chosen one is at your wrist you know that it's going to be years of happiness to come.

There's now a vast range of exciting options for every look, season or event. Designers watches are stylish and innovative and have flooded the market like never before. From vintage bands to more modern designs, sports watches, stainless steel watches, diver's watches, leather strap watches and more, the first thing to always keep in mind is that buying a new watch should be an enjoyable adventure.
More than just timepieces, watches are now real articles of jewelry and fashion, and designers put a lot of attention to detail for our greater joy.

A last tip for you girls, big is supposed to be the new lady-like.
So no hesitation, just follow your heart!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sacred Scarves

I have a fashion update for you.
Even with the rising temperature, summer scarves are a must-have this season.
Plain silk, wrinkled, crocheted, with fringes, beaded or sequined, a scarf is the perfect accessory to finish any outfit.

Also, you have unlimited different ways to wear them. Heads up, like a guy's tie, campfire style, casually draped over the shoulders, tied at the ends like a cowboy would wear it, and you can even belt it!
The absolute look is always simple, feminine and yet chic.
Lightweight wrapped in an exotic scarf for a bohemian kind of look, or in a funky long scarf if you're in a disco mood, walking down Madison Avenue, lying in the grass in Central Park or making the show on the dance floor, no doubt you will look amazing with a scarf following every move of your body.
The scarf is like a second skin, adopt it you won't regret it!
I know I don't!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Retail Sales

We love summer sales. Who doesn't love summer sales?
For those who wouldn't know it already, (who? Raise your hand) sales go on all the time in NY.
The official summer sales started end of June and let me tell you that July is now back with bags full of promises.
Spring collection is now available for 60-70% off and you can also find huge deals on designer brands.
If you have any favorite stores, you might want to check their websites to know when they're having their big sales.
Clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories, lingerie, retail sales are everywhere.
Each corner of each street  is surrounded with great bargains.
Hey, you're in the city that never sleeps, remember?

It's now or never! No need to run or stress out, it's not a rally!
Stay focused on what you need and don't let anybody drag you out of that store without what you came here to find in the first place.
Let's get it started ladies!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence & Fashion

Independence is about freedom and self-sufficiency. Fashion is about change.
Every day we create our own fashion to show our individuality.
4th of July is probably the most important holiday of all.
And as we celebrate the independence of the country we should not forget to celebrate ourselves.

Whatever your plans are for the day, parades, barbecues, fairs, carnivals, concerts, picnics, baseball games, family reunions, ceremonies, we all ought to add a pop of color to our look. A patriotic symbol, a piece of jewelry with the American flag for example. It's design is displayed in all possible way especially today. It doesn't need to be flashy, a simple wink is enough.
Let us be as colorful as the fireworks!

All that to say that independence itself is totally fashionable because it's always about being in the moment.
Have a lot of fun and a very happy 4th of July to you all!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Supreme Sunglasses

Initially created and used to protect our fragile eyes, sunglasses have become a real fashion trend over the years. Today it's even a way for each one of us to show another aspect of our twisted personality and gives us the opportunity to emphasize our individuality.
Let me tell you that designers were particularly creative this season, for a whole lot of unusual style sunglasses already invaded the city.

Cat eye sunglasses are one of the big winner this summer. They rock your style!
And you can even have them animal printed for a total feline look.
If this shape doesn't suit you, you still have wayfarers, oversized, teashades, wraparound, shutter shades to just name the most distinguished ones.
I personally just can't get rid of my aviators.
One tip, please just let go of the mirrored coating on surface, leave that for police officers!
A hot and long week-end is coming, so enjoy and protect your iris!