Friday, December 9, 2011

Gentlemen's Hats

Women loves their man with a hat.
Keep that in mind gentlemen.

Cute and wearable for almost every occasions, this military cap with grommets by Gucci is an excellent alternative if you want to cover your head without looking too serious or too casual.
Over the decades, people around the world have admired and appreciated works from the house of Gucci, there has to be a good reason for that!

Here is another style still by Gucci.
Classic wool herringbone cap finished with an interlocking G palladium ornament.
This one remains true to the brand's original sense of glossy luxury and fashion-forward outerwear, with a 1900s kind of vibe.

This bucket hat by Prada is in lightweight nylon with a stitched brim.
It might look like a simple fisherman's hat at first, but it actually has a lot of charm.
Dress it up or dress it down, be adventurous and you will be surprised of what you might find out about your own self.

I'm in love with this charming winter hat by Michael Bastian.
Out-of-doors essential with the warmth and comfort of wool, you will look elegant at all times and turn women's head for sure.

This fabulous week with you gentlemen ends today.
It was my pleasure.
I hope you had a blast.
I know I did!

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