Saturday, January 5, 2008

What is SACHI?

Fashion expert. Closet surgeon. Personal shopper.

Whatever your individual needs might be, SACHI is your one-stop fashion architecture solution for a wardrobe that will keep you looking smart and stylish while meeting the demands of your busy agenda.

SACHI helps you combine and create looks that complement your lifestyle and personality, while creating and accentuating your individual brand.

Leave the time-consuming, rather-be-doing-something-else shopping up to SACHI and give us the opportunity to make you look your best!

Friday, January 4, 2008


Wardrobe Evaluation: $375 1st hour Free: During our wardrobe evaluation, we assess the needs in your wardrobe and make recommendations based on our findings. All first time client's get 1 hour FREE!

Portfolio Creation: $395 and up: Once we've updated your wardrobe and made it fabulous again, you have the option of having an online portfolio or a book portfolio. We love to make it easier for you to stay stylish every day of the week!

For more information: Email
or call 646-509-7813 Please refer to the contact page for hours of operation.

A day of personal shopping$800/day This day consists of up to 8 hours of shopping for very specific needs. For example, getting a new job, promotion, going into a new industry, or just revamping your closet. Email
for more information.

A la Carte:
Hourly rate ($100) 4 hour minimum.

Custom Shirt Services: The process is simple. We provide custom shirt services whereby we visit you at the comforts of your office or home and measure, pre- select and deliver your custom shirts.
For more information, email or call 646-509-7813. We always have specials so inquire about them when calling!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Asysha Hogan
Principal Fashion Architect

My professional experience includes fashion retail sales at stores including BCBG MaxAzria and Chanel, as well as high-end fashion consulting for a nationally renowned custom apparel firm. This, however, tells you little about who I am and what triggers my passion for SACHI and the fashion architecture business. So let me then share with you a few important pieces of my personal story:

I was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Panama City, in Panama, a country whose natural richness, warmth and diversity helped me develop a special sensitivity to organic shape, vibrant color and effortless proportion. New York, on the other hand, has armed me with a deep appreciation for the urban landscape and everyday work experience, so necessary when meeting the needs of the success-driven fashionista.

My sense of style was developed at a very young age --my earliest recollection going back to age 4--, when I took delight on my grandmother and mother's perennial elegance, manifest even during mundane trips to the local grocery store. I was a quick study, avidly taking notes and emulating what these two amazing women did to look stylish, strong and feminine at all times. My grandmother and mother made an impression everywhere they went, so I became an ardent believer in fashion and the power of a dignified presence.

My passion is to make people look great, for any occasion and on every budget, and this passion is the reason why I started SACHI. I love helping busy women and men look their best and feel more confident and happier, throughout their work day and after hours. My clients include attorneys, investment bankers, directors, CEO's, housewives, or anyone who can appreciate the service. Their busy agendas rarely afford them the time to go shopping for the unique, smart looks they deserve. I work around their schedules to visit with them and/or work on my own to dissect their closets, provide advice on new looks and shop for those special pieces that can turn an ordinary suit into a memorable image.

During my free time, I'm a volunteer survivor advocate for Mt. Sinai’s Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention program (SAVI). I also enjoy traveling to new places and trying new foods.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I highly recommend Asysha Hogan and her company, SACHI, for anyone who needs help with their wardrobe. Personally, I hate to shop but I love to wear great looking clothes that fit. Asysha has helped me to get rid of the things that I never wear, tailor the pieces that I like but haven't been wearing because they needed work, and added a few additional pieces to round out my closet. Asysha provides excellent service and is a pleasure to work with.

-Margaret D.

Working with SACHI has done miracles to my image! Not only do I feel better about myself, I get lots of compliments about my new look and confidence. Before working with Asysha, I never put a "real" value to what consultants like her do especially since I always got around to doing it myself. The difference here is that I saved time, money and unneccessary added frustrations. I highly recommend Asysha and her company SACHI.

-Sarah P.

I have hope again. Before Asysha came to my home for my wardrobe consultation, I thought I would need a whole new professional wardrobe. I felt like I was out of clothes, out of options, and definitely out of hope when I opened my closet to select an outfit for work the next day. Enter Asysha. With her keen eye and great fashion sense, she artfully composed *eight* (8!) new, never-before-seen outfits from my existing (small) wardrobe, accessories and all. I was shocked that she could create so much with what I perceived to be so little. Her suggestions of a few supplemental items will allow me to gain almost another week's worth of outfits. I needed help, and I am ever-so-grateful to have had Asysha's expert perspective to assist me in revitalizing my closet. Thank you, thank you!!

-Lisa B.

As a guy, I have a hard time finding off the rack clothing. When I met Asysha, she assured me that it's not me, most of us don't fit off the rack clothing and educated me on the importance of fit and the longevity of quality. I purchased 2 shirts from her and when I got them, I immediately became hooked. Her shirts are made from quality fabric and the fit couldn't possibly be better. I order a few shirts from her every season and haven't been disappointed. She is a sweet woman, professional and great to work with. I recommend her services to anyone who is interested in looking their best.

James L.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

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